Selasa, 20 Oktober 2015


Malay Typical mind

8th month anniversary 
16th October 2015
I just enjoin my married, enjoin loving husband, enjoin loving couple, 
doing what husband love!!
just love my life now!

1st 6th month marriage 
I can't ignore what people think
'are pregnant? ohh not yet!' 
'smile2 and just don't bother' 

Every weeks call my mom, 
yes siti have some good new, 
are you pregnant??!!

'yehh now i know what it stress about after marriage and don't have kids yet.'
some time Allah not give u yet, because His know we a ready or not. 
something we need support family member, 
but just opposite thing happen. 

Now i know what it stress about not pregnant yet!!

I thing just recently married, 
my shock not realist yet. 
2nd album for wedding not received yet, haha
so, no big deal about not get pregnant yet.
I just want went she/his come, everything already prepared. 
I & husband do not plan or what ever but i think Allah know the best for our family. 

Allah know what it you need or time not ready yet. 

So typical Malay!
kami baru sahaja memulakan perjalan hidup dalam berumahtangga ini. 
makan tiap-tiap haripun cukup-cukup makan sahaja. 
siapa mereka ambik tahu keadaan kami. 
kami tahu kalo ada nya orang baru mungkin dia sudah keluar ke dunia ini. 
tapi siaplah kita tahu perancangan Allah. 
mungkin dia akan muncul bila metal, fizilkal, kewangan kami betul-betul sudah bersedia.
itu barulah rahmat dari Allah.

husband said your stress in about this and works, 
we can not get that, 
we need a relax built our life first, 
than that time will come! Insyallah 
'it make me feel better,tq syg'

So, out-they not married yet, please be prepared mentality and fiscally. 

We love kids & kids love me..
but we are struggling in our life. 
support us in your DOA, 
we are most appreciated. 

Amin, Isyallah. 

Went we have good new, 
u will be know ASAP

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