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Jebat the Cat

27 Mac 2015
After one and half month married..
We go a Kenduri at one flat at Puchong Perdana..
Thank a saw i cat sleep on floor so thin, kurap and sick..
I said to the cat and my husband, 
'If I back from Kenduri you still they,I will bring you to my home'

Than after a few hour we back from Kenduri, 
that cat not move even 1inc from that place, 
sleep and just small voice say something..

I take it to our car, than drive to Puchong Uptown there
buy some milk, sand and food 
on the cat store they at 12.00am..

Arriving to our home, 
We see went the cat walk, it are injure. 
I said to the cat, i will send your a clinic tomorrow because my salary out today, 
it your Rezeki..Alhamdullah..

And the next day, 
i bring a cat to a clinic..
than the doctor ask me, 
what it name, 
than i think2, i want you to be strong, 
I will call you "JEBAT"..
you are our One now..

In that clinic doc cannot fine his injury, 
there give 5 to 6 medical, 
try one weeks, 
if not oky they want to specialist check up..

After one two day, 
I feel Jebat more healthy, eat a lot, and playful..
we are very happy.

than every month I bring him to clinic to check up, vaksin and injunction for kurap with fungus. 
now day, his a hero among us..

I can see from his eye, his so happy..
a lot of love..
so Gemok..
and playfull...

27 Mach 2015 weight 1.99kg
27 June 2015 weight 3.99kg
sept 2015 i thing 5kg ++

so healthy..

but now...

Jebat in memory..
i do't know were his go...
die or some others people take..
i go for holiday for 2 weeks..
i ask my elder sister to take care them for a a while..

than this last picture a got for 1st week they send to us..

20 December 2015..
u are our love in memory..

with Love, 

(if any wrong for my writing, forgive me cause our beginner)
-Just practice writing with True Story-

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