Selasa, 16 Februari 2016

1st Year Anniversary Married

16th Feb 2016

Still awkward to tell his is my husband
his the one my favorite man
my only one
my love
my everything
6 years ago we meet, than one day i know you are the one what i looking for..
his name Mr. Muhammad Khairul Izewan B. Othman

this 2016 our 1st year anniversary
our target to get our own house
but we are also
surprising get new news
insyallah this year get our own baby
so we get both in 2016..
two gift in 2016..
Insyllah Alhamdullah Subahanallah

"Allah are know went the right time, on the right place"
"Allah tahu yang terbaik untuk kita, bila masa ketika yang sesuai apabila seseorang itu bersedia"

syukur yang tak teringga!!
terima kasih allah


insyallah pray for us will be happy until jannah..
1 year married with 11 weeks little person in my tummy..
the best gift ever..


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